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Quiet – Efficient – Economical - No Negative or Positive pressure - Aerodynamic blades

The HVLS fan is quiet and efficient in operation using patent design 5 blades WhalePower Technology.
The blades are aerodynamically efficient moving more air and smoothly, consuming 20% less power than a traditional fan.
Aerodynamic blade noise (the predominant source of fan noise) is less than 1/5th of conventional fans.

>Greatly reduces recovery time from open doors with constant air flow throughout the space
>Lowers general overall humidity
>Provide a constant even temperature from floor to ceiling and wall to wall
>Improves air quality by air mixing and diluting stale contaminated air
>Does not create either a negative or positive pressure
>Will not interfere with any heating or air conditioning systems
>Reduces condensation on walls, doors, skylights and windows

Warehouses, distribution, manufacturing, agriculture, retail, arenas, gyms, theatres, airports and many other large buildings.




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